Ranch Hand Summit Series


The Summit Series Front Bumper provides exceptional protection similar to the Legend Series while offering an alternative style with reduced weight. The uncompromising diamond-plate steel body and complementing grille guard or bullnose are one-piece and are frame mounted, securing the steel bumper in the most stable way possible. Originally designed as a robust and resilient option for ½ ton trucks, the Summit Front Bumper Replacement has become popular across all applications.

Ranch Hand Summit Front Bumper Replacement

The Summit Front Bumper is the ultimate pinnacle of protection built around the most iconic grille guard on the market today. Its complete protection offers 12-gauge tubing and punch plate throughout the entire grille guard with a one-piece welded design, integrated directly into 12-gauge diamond plate steel bodied bumper. Streamlined construction allows for factory tow hooks and fog lights

Ranch Hand Summit Bullnose Bumper Replacement

Pave your way to each corner of the earth with the Summit Bullnose Front Bumper. Built with the foundation of a 12-gauge diamond plate steel body and 12-gauge tubing turns the look and feel of this bullnose bumper into one of our toughest yet.

No corners were cut, except for reducing weight, on this bumper including retaining your factory tow hooks and fog lights.