Ranch Hand Legend Series


Ranch Hand Legend Front Bumper Replacement

The Legend Series Front Bumper is the strongest product represented in vehicle protection built for 3/4 ton and bigger trucks. This legendary replacement bumper is constructed from 4” schedule 40 pipe and diamond plate steel, which means it’s as strong as it gets. The Legend Front Bumper is identified as Ranch Hand’s original ranch style bumper accommodating both winch applications and trailers with its 2” receiver hitch. On most applications tow hooks and factory fog lights are retained making this bumper as rugged and iconic as its name. The Legend Series is available in both bullnose and grille guard replacement style.

Ranch Hand Legend Bullnose Bumper Replacement

The low-profile Legend Bullnose Front Bumper is the perfect combination of a pre-runner styled bumper with the same strength offered by Ranch Hand.

The bullnose bumper boasts confidence with its 4” schedule 40 piping, 12-gauge diamond plate, and gloss black powder coat finish.

Ranch Hand Legend Back Bumper Replacement

Ranch Hand LEGEND REAR BUMPER IS THE PERFECT COMPLIMENT TO THE LEFEND FRONT BUMPER adding another layer of 4an schedule 40 pipe and diamond plate steel to your trucks defemse. The Legend Back Bumper is v-5 tested to 1000 pounds tonge weight and 10,000 pounds towing capacity or 500 lbs tongue weight and 5000 towing capacity. all to say that it is a well qualified towing machine.